Brain Storm session

So here I am again.  But, this time I am brainstorming for a serious non-fiction book idea.  My problem, I have too many good ideas…  no, maybe not good ideas, just ideas that are fighting for the top spot as the topic for the semester.  How ever, after numerous lists with pro’s and con’s and countless hours of personal debate (just kidding) , I have decided to write about a subject that has been up for debate politically, and religiously for hundreds of years.  I am talking about child brides.  But, more specifically I would like to research more into the most recent wave of controversy regarding the Syrian war-bride refugee crisis.

Let me explain.  Recently while watching CNN, a photojournalist was reporting on the issue of how families affected by the war in the middle east are marrying their daughters off much more quickly and younger than usual, for financial reasons and to save their daughters from being sought after by terror related groups.  This touched a cord with me because I just finished a book series based on one woman’s life behind the veil and what it was really like being a woman in veiled countries.  The series is written by Jean Sasson if you are interested.  Anyways, I am thinking the most difficult part of this topic is going to be finding someone specific to write about, as well as factual information.

I have always been interested in the war-bride idea, because my Grandmother was a World War II war bride.  I find it fascinating that thousands or women left their homes to come to the U.S, and start new with their husbands.  But, those brides chose to come, it is the ones that don’t get a choice that I am interested in finding more about.

What do you think?  Tooooooo serious for a serious non-fiction?


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