wait, what?

I am so glad that our text this semester Thinking Like Your Editor by Susan Rabiner and Alfred Forunato, is not only interesting, but actually filled with VERY useful information.  Having not published a book myself, the mystery of the publication process scares me.  As most unknown’s do to most of us.  I have read web-sites, articles, and numerous texts on publication.  This one actually spells out most of the process that I have been left wondering at the end of many of my writing classes.

Taking into consideration a quote from the introduction,

“to use language precisely, manage data sufficient in size and persuasive enough in content to support an interesting thesis, advance and defend that thesis through reasoned and reasonable argument, and to embed that argument in a dramatic and paced narrative so that the reader stays with the book through the final chapter” (Rabiner and Forunato)

I have started to second guess my first idea.  I asked myself can I do all of the above with my chosen to topic.  And, I came up short.  At least at this stage in my writing career.

I guess, in my opinion or my thoughts as of now, I need a topic that I am more familiar with.  I understand I don’t need to be the expert NOW in the field.  However, I need to be willing to become the expert on the topic of my choice.

So, I went back and forth, and came up with a topic that involves myself (which I am an expert in).

For the entire life of my marriage, my husband and I have had a goal to go off grid, become self-sufficient, grow our own food, enjoy the land, and the beauty it has to offer.  Unfortunately, we have not been able to do this because of finances, and well, we have not researched enough to make it happen successfully.

I am thinking the topic of my serious non-fiction book, will now be on how to successfully conquer this goal.  I think by adding my personal path to off grid living, I can create a thesis and narrative that readers will stick with.

Obviously the audience would be other in search of off grid living, which this day and age, holds a pretty high count of interested individuals.

I must thank the authors of Thinking Like Your Editor , Rabiner and Fortunato, for the straight talk.  As writers, I think most of us have dozens of GOAL manuscripts, but, not all of them are the BEST choices for the writers.