Why did this topic continue to command my attention?

What exactly do you want to know about the topic that is not already known?

Easy, I can answer this… the main reason this topic continues to command my attention is because it is a personal goal for my husband and I to be homesteaders someday.

It also commands my attention because it is more than just a fad that has come back but will soon fade away.  The homestead movement is alive and well.  So much so that there are numerous television and reality shows that follow families to their own personal dream to simplify their life.

It is important to remember, that simplify in many ways is making some things in life less convenient for oneself.  I pose to find out why it is that people are willing to give up their modern amenities in order to simplify their life.  How did we get to a place where convenience is such a hassle?

Due to the fact that the homestead phenomenon is ever present, and has been a recent phenomenon in the last decade, following numerous decades where homesteading was unpopular and look at as a hard and dull life.  Due to the fact that this phenomenon is so new AGAIN, I would like to find out what the main reason is for this lifestyle to come back and wave its beautiful option of freedom in front of us.  I am guessing that some of us get to a point where there are too many conveniences, too many gadgets and too many options out there, that end up making what is supposed to be ease, a rather painful decision.


I am finally to the point where I am confident that the “Homestead Movement” is not only a great topic, but because this is such a new trend again, it makes the topic of why and un-answered question as of yet.






These questions keep me up at night…

These questions keep me up at night… Well, not just these questions.  It is my lack of answers.  My lack of complete focus for the direction of my book proposal.  Here I am, been waiting for an opportunity to make myself focus on an idea and follow through with it through its entirety.

This week, I have been trying to take into consideration the four questions, Susan Rabiner and Alfred Fortunato, authors of, Thinking like Your Editor, ask at every decision about a book idea.