resource list/ thoughts

  1. Walden, by Henry David Thoreau, “is a reflection upon simple living in natural surroundings”.

Published in, 1854, Walden is a first hand account of Thoreau’s experience living off grid.  This book is important because it gives my book a historical branch.

  1. Alone in the Wilderness, is a documentary of Dick Proenneke’s two year adventure living alone in the wilderness. Produced by Bob Swerer, this series I first saw on PBS, many years ago.  It was most likely the first actual reality/show/video of living off grid.  What is today’s, “tiny house nation, off-grid living, mountain living, and many other popular reality shows, was yesterdays, Alone in the Wilderness.  This is a base for the “past” or historical aspect of my book.
  2. Personal journals of Dick Proenneke are written in a book, One Man’s Wilderness, An Alaskan Odyssey, by a good friend of Dick’s, Sam Keith. These journals are very important and play as reminders on what needs to be included from my own experiences.  Historical reference.
  3. This web site is the base of my research for the “future” aspect.
  4. is a website that promotes, and explains a form of off grid, sustainable living, that I would like to model in my own life. The web site has a world of information, including links to other sites that are also in relation to my personal goal.  It combines modern technology with eco-friendly living, which is what makes it possible for more people to go off grid.  “future” section of book.
  5. Future aspect of book.
  6. Past aspect

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