wait, what?

I am so glad that our text this semester Thinking Like Your Editor by Susan Rabiner and Alfred Forunato, is not only interesting, but actually filled with VERY useful information.  Having not published a book myself, the mystery of the publication process scares me.  As most unknown’s do to most of us.  I have read web-sites, articles, and numerous texts on publication.  This one actually spells out most of the process that I have been left wondering at the end of many of my writing classes.

Taking into consideration a quote from the introduction,

“to use language precisely, manage data sufficient in size and persuasive enough in content to support an interesting thesis, advance and defend that thesis through reasoned and reasonable argument, and to embed that argument in a dramatic and paced narrative so that the reader stays with the book through the final chapter” (Rabiner and Forunato)

I have started to second guess my first idea.  I asked myself can I do all of the above with my chosen to topic.  And, I came up short.  At least at this stage in my writing career.

I guess, in my opinion or my thoughts as of now, I need a topic that I am more familiar with.  I understand I don’t need to be the expert NOW in the field.  However, I need to be willing to become the expert on the topic of my choice.

So, I went back and forth, and came up with a topic that involves myself (which I am an expert in).

For the entire life of my marriage, my husband and I have had a goal to go off grid, become self-sufficient, grow our own food, enjoy the land, and the beauty it has to offer.  Unfortunately, we have not been able to do this because of finances, and well, we have not researched enough to make it happen successfully.

I am thinking the topic of my serious non-fiction book, will now be on how to successfully conquer this goal.  I think by adding my personal path to off grid living, I can create a thesis and narrative that readers will stick with.

Obviously the audience would be other in search of off grid living, which this day and age, holds a pretty high count of interested individuals.

I must thank the authors of Thinking Like Your Editor , Rabiner and Fortunato, for the straight talk.  As writers, I think most of us have dozens of GOAL manuscripts, but, not all of them are the BEST choices for the writers.


Week 2, Questions and Answers

Kristine Keller

Week 2 Project



Serious non-fiction

War brides from the Syrian refugee crisis- younger than ever before



  1. Who Wants to Read Your Book

Well, I picked this question because I personally would like to read about this topic, have read about this topic and carry a special place in my heart for these young girls.  I think readers would be drawn more to this topic if it was about a specific person, whom the book could follow; someone for the readers to connect with on a personal level.  I also think there would be a greater audience if the narrative of this specific person’s story was the backdrop of the book.

This is a controversial subject, and if I choose to write about these young war brides, I would like to try to keep it less religious and more of a humanitarian crisis.  I would want the readers to know it is not an attack on a religion, but rather a view into one of the many hurdles refugees are facing.  The personal choices they have to make to keep their families alive.   However, I am aware that religion does play a role; I just do not know how far I would want to dabble into that.


  1. Why You Are the Best Person to Write This Book


As for the answer to this question.  Wow.  Am I the best person to write this book?  I want to be.  My passion for these young brides would have me flying over and saving each and every one of them if I could.  Beyond my passion, I have also read many books on the lives of Saudi Arabian wives, and the course they each take to the aisle.  The most challenging part of this topic is going to be the in-depth research, so that I am educated not only enough, but top quality on each side of the spectrum.  I believe finding people to interview will be somewhat difficult, but have already been in contact with a photojournalist at CNN to see if I can interview her.  I need factual stories, real names, places, and times.  I want to help educate the public in this crisis, and somehow, maybe someday, my words will help at least one young girl.

Brain Storm session

So here I am again.  But, this time I am brainstorming for a serious non-fiction book idea.  My problem, I have too many good ideas…  no, maybe not good ideas, just ideas that are fighting for the top spot as the topic for the semester.  How ever, after numerous lists with pro’s and con’s and countless hours of personal debate (just kidding) , I have decided to write about a subject that has been up for debate politically, and religiously for hundreds of years.  I am talking about child brides.  But, more specifically I would like to research more into the most recent wave of controversy regarding the Syrian war-bride refugee crisis.

Let me explain.  Recently while watching CNN, a photojournalist was reporting on the issue of how families affected by the war in the middle east are marrying their daughters off much more quickly and younger than usual, for financial reasons and to save their daughters from being sought after by terror related groups.  This touched a cord with me because I just finished a book series based on one woman’s life behind the veil and what it was really like being a woman in veiled countries.  The series is written by Jean Sasson if you are interested.  Anyways, I am thinking the most difficult part of this topic is going to be finding someone specific to write about, as well as factual information.

I have always been interested in the war-bride idea, because my Grandmother was a World War II war bride.  I find it fascinating that thousands or women left their homes to come to the U.S, and start new with their husbands.  But, those brides chose to come, it is the ones that don’t get a choice that I am interested in finding more about.

What do you think?  Tooooooo serious for a serious non-fiction?


New Semester new ideas

Hi there,

So I kept this blog up and running for a school assignment, and it just so happens this semester I get to continue using it for a different subject (serious non-fiction).  Therefore, for the next few months I will be posting ideas and drafts for a serious non-fiction book.